The Met’s Family Map


I recently completed this poster puzzle for The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Copies are available for free at the main information booth in the Great Hall of the museum.  A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is in the works for sale in the gift shop.  You can view a neat “zoomable” PDF version on The Met’s website, here.


Met Poster/Puzzle FAQs:

Q- How long did it take you to finish?

A- About four years.  Approximately 75% of the time was spent doing research and planning.  The other 25% drawing and coloring.  It took about 5 months to color.

Q- Did you draw it on a computer?

A- No.  It’s drawn on a piece of paper with ink and white out.  It was scanned and colored on the computer.


Q- How big is the original drawing?

A- It’s on a piece of bristol board about 19″ x 24″.  It’s roughly 110% the size printed in the Family Map.

Q- Did you use a magnifying glass?

A- Not to draw with.  But I used one for checking the drawing.


Q- Is every piece of art The Met owns in the poster?  How many objects are there?

A- It’s not even close to every piece.  And I have no idea how many objects are included but each piece drawn represents an actual piece from the collection.

Q- What’s your favorite piece?

A- I have many!  Too many to name!



Here are some sketches, drawings and “outtakes” from the Family Map: